Our Mission

At some point in your life, you’ve more than likely been a bench warmer. You know what it’s like to put in all the same hard work as your peers, and see none of the opportunities. You remember that despite zero accolades, you continued to push forward and give it your all.

Those feelings are what led us to create the Club Trillion Foundation.

Our mission is to provide extraordinary opportunities to extraordinary walk-on athletes.

The founder of the Club Trillion Foundation, Mark Titus, had his own extraordinary walk-on career playing basketball at Ohio State. It culminated in tens of thousands of dollars donated to charity, a New York Times best-selling book, and a platform that is allowing him to pay it forward to a next generation of walk-ons.

The Club Trillion Foundation has a few ideas of how we plan to reward walk-ons and non-scholarship athletes.

First, we want to create scholarship awards that can help relieve the financial stress and student loan debt most walk-ons graduate with. This will start with a scholarship that is given to an NCAA Division I men’s basketball player at the 2020 Final Four, and will quickly expand to include all collegiate sports across all divisions.

Next, we want to celebrate the unheralded athletic achievements of the walk-on community by creating a National Player of the Year Award, to be given to the walk-on who earns the most “trillions” during the college basketball season.

Finally, we want to create networking, internship, and job opportunities for walk-ons who are graduating. Because of the rigid and inflexible schedule demands of high-level college athletics, walk-ons often leave school with less work experience and less job prospects than their peers, despite similar or sometimes even better grades. We want to tap into our nationwide network of walk-ons who have been there before to help these athletes hit the ground running.

These goals can only be reached and these lives can only be changed with a little help, though. Endowing the Club Trillion Foundation will allow our non-profit to provide these opportunities for years to come. You can help by donating today.

The Club Trillion Foundation is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


And that is exactly why I started the Club Trillion Foundation. My ultimate goal with this thing is to create an organization that serves walk-ons all over the country in every sport. I want to foster a community of walk-ons that transcends rivalries. I want to work toward reaching a point where every student-athlete on every campus in America no longer has to worry about how they’re going to pay for their education. I want to develop internships and job placement programs, and figure out other ways to serve walk-ons and former walk-ons even after their playing days are over.

Mark Titus, Club Trillion Foundation founder


A throne is only a bench covered with velvet.


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