Selection Committee

Nobody knows walk-ons better than … well … walk-ons. So when it comes to awarding a scholarship to the most outstanding walk-on in the country, it only seems right that the judges be former walk-ons themselves.

The Club Trillion Foundation Scholarship recipient will be chosen by a committee comprised of 11 individuals, all of whom must be former walk-on and/or non-scholarship NCAA Division I men’s basketball players.

If you fit that description, we want you to apply. The ideal committee will represent a diverse range of college basketball experience - different regions, different conferences, different eras.

For consideration, please complete the form below. You’ll be contacted with additional information.

Note: All selection committee members must be approved by a majority vote from the Club Trillion Foundation board. Please submit applications on or before October 31, 2019.

Club trillion Foundation Selection committee application

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Are you a former walk-on who is too busy for the committee? You can still support us! Donate to the Club Trillion Foundation and help us provide scholarships to walk-on athletes.