The shirt that started it all.

When founder Mark Titus was at Ohio State, he used his walk-on fame for good - partnering with Homage to raise money for Ohio charities.

What began as a way to serve a loyal fanbase quickly turned into a national phenomenon - with over $75,000 raised for charity and a student section full of Club Tril shirts on senior night.

Today, the proceeds from all Club Trillion merchandise sold benefit the Club Trillion Foundation.

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Other items benefiting the
Club Trillion Foundation


Friend of the Program

Have you ever wanted to “drop the bag” for an NCAA athlete, but in a legal way? With proceeds from the sale of this shirt going to the Club Trillion Foundation, this is your chance.

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Club tril long sleeve

Here’s a scenario: you want to wear your Club Tril shirt, but while the action inside has been heating up, it’s actually pretty cold outside. Meet your solution.

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T-Shirts not your thing? You can still support us! Donate to the Club Trillion Foundation and help us provide scholarships to walk-on athletes.